How to delete your account

If you decide Clearful isn't for you, deleting your account is quite simple. However, please be sure you really want to delete - all of your journal entries will be permanently erased and cannot be recovered.

To proceed with deletion: 

Open Clearful.

Open the Settings tab.

Open Account Info under Profile & Preferences.

Select Permanently Delete Account.

A confirmation prompt will appear. If you're sure, type the word 'DELETE' and select Delete to confirm.

If you've never signed up for an account, your guest account will be deleted immediately. Otherwise, one additional prompt will appear that requires you to re-authenticate before proceeding with deletion. 

If you signed up with an email and password, you'll be prompted to enter your password. If you signed up with Apple or Google, you'll be prompted to authenticate via biometric authentication, or by entering your Apple or Google password.

After the above steps, you'll be sent to the Welcome screen of the app and your account will have been deleted. 

Thank you for giving Clearful a try - we hope to see you back in the future!

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